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Forklift King 3.5 Ton 4WD Diesel Forklift – A Beast Of A Machine

Starting at just $45,990 + GST or around $229* per week on finance, scroll down for all inclusions and package options

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Time:48 sec

Are you looking for an insane forklift with the power of the 4WD? Have multiple sites you need to drive the forklift between? Or do you need something to drive over uneven ground?

Perhaps you’ll be unloading containers outside on the grass and driving the stock back into your warehouse.

Our 3.5 ton 4WD can do all of that with ease. At 60 HP, you’ve got the power you need, the machine is made for being out in the weather, can handle poor working conditions and offers you the flexibility to use it for either. Coming in at a similar size to the 5.0 ton standard forklift, the 3.5 has been beefed up to the max!

With two different package options, the Standard and Premium package, and optional upgrades, you can customise your forklift to suit your business exactly. And with finance available on all models, there’s no need to wait to get started with your brand new forklift.

Premium 3.5 Ton 4WD Diesel Forklift Package Inclusions:

  • Sideshift – Allowing you to save time and work more efficiently using the side shift to perfectly line up your load without reversing and driving back in
  • 3-stage mast – max lifting height 4.5m – Reach 1.5m higher than the Standard Package 2 stage mast – perfect for factories and warehouses making the most of their available storage space AND at the same time reduces the forklift height, allowing your forklift to fit inside a container and unload direct from there which is desirable for resell value
  • Adjustable forks – Save time and energy adjusting the fork position via controls instead of hopping in and out of your forklift manually adjusting – very frustrating if you’re spending a few hours on the forklift
  • 4-cylinder 60 HP diesel engine – Taking forklifts to the next level with 60 HP to play with
  • Hydraulic transmission – Makes operating your 4WD forklift as simple as possible
  • 8-degree tilt forward, 12 degree tilt back – Make your life easier and your load safer with a decent tilt angle
  • Rated Speed 2500 rpm – This forklift model is surprisingly quick for it’s power
  • Fork length 1.22m – Easily long enough to handle pallets and all your 3.5 ton loads safely and efficiently
  • Max driving speed (with/without load): 18/20 km/h – Impressive speed loaded for our 3.5 ton forklift
  • Total Weight 6.6 ton – This huge 6.6 ton total weight means your forklift can handle 3.5 ton max loads steadily at this speed and power with no issues
  • Pneumatic tyres – Making your time in the forklift as smooth and comfortable as possible. As well as being easy to repair, our pneumatic tyres take the impact when you’re driving, preventing sore back from the impact of a bumpy ride. Keep yourself and your staff members happier with the most comfortable option
  • Comfortable adjustable seat – Our comfortable seat adjusts, allowing you and your staff to position yourselves with correct posture, which makes a big difference if you’re driving all day
  • Premium Lighting Package – Indicators and reverse lights, front spotlights, orange flashing light, reverse spotlight – Premium lighting to make it safer and easier for you and your staff to work all hours necessary to get the job done
  • Maintenance toolbox kit – Everything you need to maintain your new forklift and keep it in premium condition
  • Operation and parts manuals – Detailed manuals to cover operation and parts in your forklift to allow you to properly maintain your forklift for premium performance
  • Australia wide delivery available – We offer an easy door to door delivery service no matter where in Australia you’re located
  • Finance available on all models and package options – Get your forklift in the most cashflow-friendly manner for your business and avoid the delay, start saving time right now with your new forklift
  • 12-month parts and labour warranty, 36 month parts warranty – Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with your forklift or any part of your forklift, let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
  • Dedicated after-sales help and support – 1300 direct line to our help staff. Got a question? We are here and happy to help

3.5 Ton 4WD Diesel Forklift Premium Package

$47,990 + GST or around $239 per week on finance



3.5 Ton 4WD Diesel Forklift Standard Package

$45,990 + GST or around $229 per week on finance

  • 2-stage instead of 3-stage mast – max lifting height 3m instead of 4.5m – perfect for smaller warehouses and factories
  • No sideshift or adjustable forks
  • Standard lighting package only – no spotlights on front, no orange flashing light, no reverse spotlight


For Full Specifications, Features and Inclusions, Take The Walkthrough Of The 3.5 Ton 4WD Diesel Forklift

Time: 7min 41sec

You can view all the Forklift King video tours online by registering above or below to watch the video, or view them in person at our 800 sqm factory and show room, located in South Murwillumbah, just 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast – but please call to book time first. All forklifts are on display

There is much, much, much more to Forklift King and our commitment of service to you and your Forklift. But so that we can pass on the rest of the information, please register to watch our informative online video. It takes you on a guided tour and gives you the chance to request an optional information package to be posted to you. Fill out the form either above or below to register to watch the video now. Be sure to include any comments or questions you have in regards to your new Forklift.

Delivery at cost or pick up. Next step going forward is for us to issue a final invoice where you can pay a deposit and we get your forklift underway for you. If you decide to go with finance, it is an easy, simple process if you’re working or have an existing business. Weekly rates are based on your current situation. In many cases with finance, no deposit is required.

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Forklift King 3.5 Ton Diesel 4WD Forklift Specifications


Brand Xinchai
Transmission Hydraulic
Fuel Type Diesel
Rated Power 60 hp (45 kw)
Cylinders 4
Rated Speed 2500 rpm
Fuel Tank 95 L
Hydraulic Tank 95 L
Rated Flow 90 L /min


Lifting Capacity 3500KG
Total Weight 6600KG
Max Driving Speed (Loaded) 18 km/h
Max Driving Speed (Unloaded) 19.8 km/h
Max Lifting Speed (Loaded) 440 mm/s
Tilt Angle Forward 8 degrees
Tilt Angle Backwards 12 degrees


Wheel Base 1980mm
Front Tread 1250mm
Rear Tread 1200mm
Front Tyre 14-17.5
Rear Tyre 10.0/75-15.3


12 month parts and labour, 36 month parts warranty


Load capacity – 3.5 Ton

Weight – 6600 kg

Dimensions – 4435mm (L) x 1600mm (W) x 2320mm (H)

Machine Length – 3215mm

Fork Length – 1220mm

DIMENSIONS 3.5 Ton Diesel 4WD Forklift



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