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Attention – Anyone Wanting To Have An Easy-To-Run Business With Low Start-Up Costs, That’s Highly Profitable, And The Best Part Is The Only Skills You Need Is The Ability To Talk To People And Organise Things.

If I said that you can tap into a lucrative and profitable market, and make an amazing income with a Mobile Digger Business, would you be interested?

For a limited few I have put together a complete turnkey Mobile Digger Business package with no ongoing fees. It's not a franchise, there are no huge overheads. You can easily start part time or full time.

The key is that you can make a significant income—$150,000 plus—without even having any skills except for the ability to talk to people and organise things.

If you have been looking at any business for sale, you have probably discovered these 3 problems:

  • Problem #1 – Existing businesses are expensive. It’s difficult to find a good one, and the owners always want too much money. Not only that, but to make what would be considered a decent profit, $150,000-$200,000 per year will be incredibly hard because basically you're going to be paying $500,000 or more for the business. It's going to be full of problems and things that you don't find until you take over, and you're going to work extremely hard and take huge risks just to get going in the first six months. Then after that, it may even fail because you don't have the same personality as the previous owner. (I will give further proof of this to you soon, so keep reading).
  • Problem #2 - Another problem is that it is extremely hard to replace an existing income, whether it be a fly in and fly out income, i.e. you've been working in the mines, and just want to get back home to your family, or whether it actually is an income from another business but you’ve just had enough of that business, or you might just have a high-paying corporate job, and want to replace that income. It’s almost impossible to do.
  • Problem #3 - If one of the only other options you've got is to invest in a franchise, not only are you only buying a part of someone else's business, but you're also really only investing in a certain area. Plus, you pay for these forever. If a franchise costs $50,000 for the franchise fee, and you pay fees for 5 years, essentially you're really paying $250,000 just for the right to use that information.

But There Is a Better Solution

A complete turnkey system: my Mobile Digger Business For Sale.

What if there is a way to not be in a franchise, to have the benefits of knowing the data and the existing operations to show you how to run a proven business, but without having to pay the massive price tag?

Sounds interesting? What if it is turnkey so it has everything you need? What if the marketing was done, you owned your diggers, you had complete training, you had back up and support for 12 months, you had a list of suppliers, your own brand, you were in complete control, you had absolutely everything you need, but you were not tied in, or a word, what if everything was completely and entirely done for you?

That includes training that outlines exactly what to do to run your own Mobile Digger Business. Plus there's a done-for-you client attraction system. You don't even have to know anything about marketing. We can actually do it for you, allowing you to deliver endless enquiries directly to your website.

It’s Not a Franchise, It’s Your Business. Invest Once, Profit Forever.

This is called the Mobile Digger Business. As we go through I'll explain a little bit more about it. You see, previously I’ve started and run four multi-million dollar businesses.

The truth is, there is demand all over Australia for earthworks, but I noticed there is huge opportunity for small businesses to start up and easily get going in this industry, allowing people to own their own business instead of relying on someone else for income. This is what the Mobile Digger Business is about. (There's a video and book available for you that explain more about this in detail once you register above or below).

Let Me Explain a Little Bit More About the Mobile Digger Business

First of all, you need very few skills. As long as you can talk to people and organise things, you're able to do this work. I show you all this as part of the training.

The whole goal is for you to be successful without necessarily having to do all of the work yourself. In other words, you can live a life of autonomy and freedom, you just have to talk to customers and organise things. Not too hard at all, right?

The Mobile Digger Business is a complete turnkey system. Here are just some of the things included:

  • Marketing - website and a complete marketing system set up and working for you
  • Sales materials - all done for you, plus I can even deliver you an almost unlimited amount of enquiries
  • Hiring of staff - I give you ads, exact type of staff to hire and even the contracts to employ them with
  • Pricing – all worked out for you and I show you how to work out pricing on different job types
  • A complete training system, an asset you can refer to over and over again
  • Face to face training where myself and others train you on how to run your business profitably
  • Weekly support as part of the Unique Business Academy
  • Full one-on-one support by myself and my team for 12 months
  • And much, much more

More is explained in the video and in the book. Register above or below to watch it.

Here are some benefits of the Mobile Digger Business :

  • There are no limits or restrictions on how, when or where you can work
  • There are absolutely minimum overheads
  • Even as you grow, you only need a tiny little storage yard for a few hundred dollars a week, or just use your garage
  • There is no stock to carry with this business

This truly is a simple, easy, low-risk business you can turn into your own mini empire – but I warn you, it is only by application. I do have to work with you for 12 months.

So what’s the investment? Well, like I said earlier, if this was a franchise you would pay fees left, right and centre and the price would exceed $250,000, and you would have to rent diggers but it is nothing like that.

The price is $49,900 + GST for the base package, this includes your own digger you own, NOT Rent.

One of the questions you will surely have is whats next ? ...

So You Have Got a Bit of Interest? Well, the Next Steps Are:

Step # 1 - Watch the video on the next page, or download the book so you actually know more about it in order to make an educated and informed decision.

Step # 2 - Then if it is for you, go ahead and apply. I will admit I won't work with everyone; that's a whole other story which you will understand after you watch the video or read the book on the next page.

Step # 3 - If you're approved, you pay a $500 refundable deposit. I prepare paperwork for you which spells everything out. It just makes things tangible for you.

Step # 4 - If you need finance, I help you organise that, or you may already have people you use. Either way it’s just a matter of going through the process.

Step # 5 - You review the paperwork and we go over any questions you might have. Once you are happy with it, you transfer funds, or in the unlikely event you are not happy, I simply refund you your $500 deposit.

Step # 6 - We work on a business name together and then my team design some logos for you to choose from.

Step # 7 - Once that's done, we get started building out your complete website and marketing system, give you access to the modules and training

It really is that easy. It's only a matter of going through the process and being a part of it with me. (Please remember though, you must watch the video or read the book and you must apply first; not everyone is accepted).

Your Future Is Bright If You Take Action ...

Imagine this, in six months from now you'll be working fewer hours.

  • You'll be much happier than you were
  • You will have escaped your current situation
  • You'll be earning what you are truly worth
  • You'll be planning your future holidays with your family
  • You will truly be living your dreams
  • Your neighbours will be envious of you
  • You'll be more attractive to your partner, simply due to the fact that you'll be less stressed because the business is running along and you're more successful

It really is a whole other world out there when you're running your own successful business!

My goal is to actually set people free in their own business. I also consult for various different industries, sometimes getting paid on a percentage on gross growth for sales. Plus, of course, I create my business programs.

So What Will Happen With Your Mobile Digger Business

The results vary from person to person; it truly is a case of what you put in is what you get back… provided you follow my system and don’t try and add things or remove things.  The most common question I hear from people is 'what’s the catch?'

Truth is, there is one – and only one: it's you.  If you do nothing, you get nothing, if you put in effort, day in day out, you can and will achieve success with the Mobile Digger Business.  In fact, the world really is your oyster; it's not a case of how much money can you make, it's how much are you capable of making – notice the difference?

This is not a franchise, while it could easily be; the problem is in many cases franchises are set up for failure because all the costs, all the fees that come back from the franchisee are taken from their profit. It goes back to the franchisor, and it's eaten up by actually having to police the franchisee to make sure they are doing the right thing.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's just talk about the benefits of watching the video or reading the book you can access after registering above or below:

  • You’ll see how much money you can make
  • You'll also see the streams of income that you can make from your Mobile Digger Business
  • You'll see how you can run the business and not do all the work yourself
  • You’ll also see just how highly profitable it is once you build out a slightly bigger business. It's very easy to be a big fish in a small pond. Even if you're in a regional area, this business works perfectly fine
  • Plus much, much more

The Earthworks Industry Is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, and Now You Have The Opportunity to Be a Part of it.

  • You are probably wondering if the Mobile Digger Business will work for you.
  • To be honest the market is huge.
  • You have an opportunity to have a complete turnkey system.
  • So what's next?

Here's What You Need to Do Next

First of all, register above or below so you can watch the online video now. Then watch the video or download the book. I also give you an opportunity to have an information package posted out to you.

Once you've watched the video and downloaded the book and read or watched it, if you think this is for you—and after all the information you will get you probably will—you can go ahead and apply.

I've explained how to apply in the book, on the DVD, and on the online video. Also, as an added bonus at no cost to you, I'm willing to post out an info pack of two DVDs, a CD, a book, a special report, and a whole heap of other information directly to your address, so you can sit there and watch this in the comfort of your home.

Remember, this is at no cost to you, but it is at a cost to me. I'm investing in you, and investing in the fact that you can watch some information at home, and have a complete understanding of this business opportunity.

Here's the thing...

This is not for everyone. Depending on where you are, and who you are, I may not be willing to accept you into the program.  It really is only for people with a positive can-do attitude.

Want to Know the Real Secret to Success?

Here's the difference between successful people and non-successful people. Successful people take action. The time to take action is now. Go ahead, register for the video. Pick up the information package on the next page. Then watch the video, read the book, or watch the information package. The information is the same. Once you've watched it, if you think it's for you, go ahead and apply. There is a warning.

Warning: The opportunity is now. You have to take the opportunity, and if you are successful in applying, the opportunity could be yours. Remember, you're not paying any ongoing fees. There are no ongoing franchise fees. It's a simple one-off cost for a Business. - Invest once and profit forever.

Think of this, every now and again something comes along that's just right. It ticks all the boxes. It is a complete game changer for you and your family, and will literally propel your life into the type of life you want it to be.

Don't miss out and look back in a few years wondering what could have been.

Go ahead, register, watch the video, read the book, and then if you think it's for you, go ahead and apply.

I look forward to talking to you soon,


P.S. The Mobile Digger Business is a highly lucrative opportunity for you, but you can only apply once you watch the video or read the book. Take action, register above or below to change your life for the better today.